Questions Arise

A poem from our book, A Beautiful Violation.

Angel by H4ch3

Questions Arise

Sun awakens like a disturbed ghost
This blistering silence, my only brush of solace

Under shades of numbness we exhale ominous blue
Question filled fog fills the space between us

A predator watches a fish starving for air
Rhythmically clicking her claws as she instinctually stares

Dark whispers of remorse don’t offer escape
Her silent lighting eyes rip away a cold retelling

I show her my heart, that vessel holding a void
She examines the parts of me that have already died

“In dreams” I grovel “I sing for weak kneed women.”
“In dreams” I grovel “Words written in red are washed away.”

This lamed creature, distracted on never to be repeated moments
Saddened that I’ve never loved, terrified should I ever find it

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