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Sex scene from Gold-Lined Storms

Reworking some things from my book Gold-Lined Storms and thought I would post this rather hot sex scene (If I don’t mind saying so myself) Let me know if it does anything for you.   I drive her home around … Continue reading

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JAPANESE GARDEN- A poem from A Beautiful Violation #poetry

Do those tricks you know so well Where your eyes suck the colors from the room And the crack of your smile breaks everything in me Giggle and send static through my being Do that one where you take my … Continue reading

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FREEDOM #poem #poetry

  My chest crackles as I inhale magic She says I don’t need it I’m powerful enough It’s not the power I love but the escape it brings “Escape from me?” she asks Escape from everything I hand her the … Continue reading

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“Just don’t fall in love with me” “You don’t have to worry about that” “Girls say that, but they’re all liars” For years Sporadically We would have that conversation Till she said nothing And I wished the letter was a … Continue reading

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MOTEL 6- A poem from A Beautiful Violation

There were moments when I was falling Reaching out She pulled me into her I told her I was sorry she made me weak ”I like it,” she whispered I had to watch her dream My fingers danced on her … Continue reading

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  I’m the sum of my memories Resentment has dug too deep When I try to claw out My hands just get dirtier And my words become filthy Perhaps it’s easier to stay here In this mentality I feel is … Continue reading

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Don’t ever, EVER give up.

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