I awoke from a nightmare this morning and scribbled this down. I never have nightmares but this one was really scary. What do you think it means? Photo by ~swear on Deviantart


I dreamed of being driven down a long, thin bridge. Surrounded by nothing but a stained glass ocean the color of turquoise. I sat in the back of a cab without origins as it drove down volcanic glass asphalt. I’m sitting next to 2 friends I’ve known for years while the ethic driver spews stories of where we’re going but can’t remember where we’ve been. The water shatters as a new son is born on the horizon to our left. A hot wind exhales into our rolled down windows like an opened oven. At first, panic as we look down the hopeless highway without a destination. Terrified, caged rabbits drowning, but acceptance covers us like cool silk. Smiling through tears I look to my friends. The angels take our hands, guiding us home.

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