She left me for a doctor in the city- A poem

walking away- Kwiatrupe


The lone wolf follows valley roads
To watch escaped prey speak of unapproved love

A naive writer stole a clock from cupids window
That ticked in unisex with his own confused heart

Soulless creatures wonder under denials of nature
While the successful liar awes in your devious glow


We walk slowly in opposite directions
As you speak the unbreakable code of lost love

In your bed, nightmares grovel in shame
And ghosts freeze the room as they scream silent screams

Eyes drowning in denial trace the hot iron scar
A tense body dances in your long stories of hellfire


I love you like our plane is crashing, I said
Like it’s snowing in July and we believe there’s something more

Words fall from my mouth like weighted butterflies
Searching for abandoned stories that drive them mad

A thieving doctor amputates the legs of potential
My heart winds down as pillars of reason fall into place

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