SHERIDAN #poem #poetry #writing


Take me back to the East Coast
Let me wrap you in bed sheets and walk you to the beach
Dig our toes in the sand and shiver as the sun rises

Let’s play in the desert heat
Lie by the pool and watch your pale skin tan
Cover you in oils; then I’ll follow you underwater

I want to take you down a dirt road
And show you where I was born so you can understand
Why I speak in anger and pour my love in letters

I want to hide with you in Big Sur
Run in redwoods and kiss in the backs of cars
Find personalities in clouds and lock away secrets

Because the sushi tastes stale
And the New York skyline isn’t as bright
If it isn’t illuminating you while we sleep

These destinations are dreams of others if you’re not there
Hollow cities and blackened forests
If your laughter isn’t playing in them

If your toes can’t dig in the sand
And your smile can’t capture the desert sun
Then they lose all meaning

The dreams fall to darkness
And the longing for the world deadens
When you hold my every desire

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