LAST DANCE- #poem #poetry #amwriting #writing


Have you ever heard a swan try to sing?
It’s like a can grinding on asphalt
A raping of the senses

I thought for some reason it would be beautiful
But it makes sense now
As we stand in rage

Tired of this music that makes me shake
Tired of shaving the edges
So the puzzle pieces fit

Rip this heart off my sleeve and present it on silver
Tell your friends the secrets we made
My drunken mistakes

Our insanities, like unnamed children
On a play date in the park
Laughing, burying each other in sand

I have to strangle this now, force our love underwater
Part of me dies and shadows play in the void
Where my twisted heart once beat

Filling the hole with valley girls and drowning them in scotch
Distracting, stupid bodies to add to the collection
But the corpses retreat as memories of you invade

You still make everything I am fall to tasteless grey
I scream obscenities for losing my muse and pour it on paper
Another broken line in a book of regret

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