SECOND DATE- A poem from A Beautiful Violation #poetry


In the abandoned Chinese city
Your beauty steals the taste from dinner
Making me jealous of that boy in Vegas
Filling me with hate for the ex who made you cry

The desire to know your secrets deadens
As I touch your skin-tight jeans
And wonder how they’ll look wadded on your floor
Peeled from your yoga-sculpted legs

Devolving, my charm becomes primal
Hating everything between us
Wanting to destroy this table and throw your purse
Unwrap you and satisfy true hunger

You don’t allow it and tease me with cravings
Making me taste that sweet dessert
In silent streets and empty bars
In the elevator that jostles as we play like cats

Put your hand where my heartbeat plays our rhythm
Climb my body like a starving koala
Where your powerful tongue turns words to heavy breathing
And closet doors show us devouring our desires

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