Scented chemicals cover me
Nervous hands balled in pockets
Chest still burning from presses
Tight jeans rub my peeling tan skin
Boots create a rhythm that nauseate me
The slithering suits greet me in the underground bar
I paint a smile and welcome their lies
While screams in my head claw to escape
The reptiles tell me how smart I am

I ask myself, Was I stupid before?
When I was poor?
Living in a studio and eating generic?
When I was happy

I want to drive to the desert
And rip the designers from my flesh
Scrub myself in dirt till my skin is raw
Run under the scorching sun
Till I smell like a man again

Then the drinks hit me, and the serpents recite poems
Screams turn to songs
And a girl in the corner becomes beautiful
Her green eyes believe everything
After I tell her I love her jacket

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