The Blackwood Kickstarter Rewards #crowdfunding @bestofkickstart


Bleeding Ink is all about getting comic books made. We use Kickstarter to help pay for a lot of the funding and right now we have a Kickstarter going for our horror comic series, Blackwood.

We’re not making money creating these comics. In fact we have acquired a good sum of debt because of them and the only reason we use Kickstarter is because we need the help. We’ve created some amazing rewards for this project and we wanted to share some with you.


If you back this project for $1 you’ll get a digital copy of Blackwood #1

If we get at least $2,000 in backing or 200 backers by this Sunday night at midnight every backer by that time will receive a digital copy of our 88 page horror comic, Sensory Distortion.

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If we pass our goal of $8,900 and make it to $10,000 everyone that backs the Blackwood Kickstarter will get a digital copy of our Horror-Comedy comic, Valley of the Cougars #1. That means if you back the project now and help get others to support it you could get 3 digital comics for $1. This is a $16 value.

Digital comics not your thing? That’s okay because if we make it to $11,000 everyone that backs the project for any physical reward will receive a free hard copy of Valley of the Cougars #1.

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We’ve tried to make it as rewarding as we can for people that support our work. If there are any other kinds of rewards you would like to see please let us know. We’re not selling a lot of these comics so we really depend on Kickstarter to help pay for some of the costs involved.

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Please share with your friends. Thank you for being part of Bleeding Ink Productions.

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