Gold-Lined Storms Update!



Hey Everyone. I just wanted to give an update for Gold Lined Storms. The book is turning out really well and I honestly think it will be unlike any book you will ever read. When I first came up with the idea I wanted a book that would have a changing writing style as the book progressed. It evolved from there and is becoming so much more.


Because the book is written as a journal of a person slowly losing their mind I wanted to make it as personal as possible. The first 30 pages of the book are written with correct grammar and are in a standard writing style but as the book progresses, things get a little strange…


Slowly the grammar falls apart

Pictures and hand written notes began to appear

Ripped out pages from other books are glued on pages


There’s a pressed flower on one page


Ripped out pages that are tapped back in

There’s a scene in the book where Joshua lies to a girl about being schizophrenic. She then reads his journal and is crying as she reads aloud about what a pig he is with women and how he has schizophrenia. For the pages she is reading, I am going over them with an eye dropper and placing tears on the pages.



It’s things like that I hope will make this book stand out from anything you’ve ever read. That and of course the writing. 🙂 I’m still working on the cover and it’s going to look like a traditional journal with a band around it. The cover will have a series of scribble including Gold Lined Storms.

Looking forward to what you think of all this. Thank you for your support of this project that has been the main thing that has taken all of my thoughts, time and money for the past year. In the end I guarantee it will be absolutely worth it.

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