How can one begin to heal? – A new poem

Two hours ago I walked to the gym and came across this memorial. When I got to the gym I saw on the news the that sales of bullet proof backpacks has tripled in the last few weeks. I got hit hard with a case of “What the fuck’s the point?” I left the gym, went to a local cafe and wrote this. Fair warning, it’s sad. I’m sorry if it offends anyone.

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How can one begin to heal?

Sharp white paper
Screams unsettling silence

Every beautiful woman’s kiss
Falls to tasteless gray

This chest is now but a void where thunder tumbles down

Under a rust filled sunset
Portland rain makes so sound

And East Coast mothers
Stare with glass eyes

At religious leaders who offer only jumbled words

In dream-quaking remorse
Memories scream like knifes

Compassion becomes a phantom limb
Reminding us only of loss

Karma, what a disgusting debt you’ve collected

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