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Hey Everyone. Sorry I haven’t given an update in a while. I got a gig a while back and have been working a ton. It’s a good feeling to have a job again but I miss posting on here all the time and interacting with each of you. I have said this before but I feel it’s worth repeating. I consider each of you my friends. Your support is the reason these comics are made and I know without it Bleeding Ink wouldn’t be anything. From the page likes, comments and shares to supporting our Kickstarter. Everything you do is what makes Bleeding Ink Productions. Without you, I’m just some jackass sitting in an apartment writing weird stories to myself. I will never, ever forget that.

My days have been filled with work for the most part. I have become friends with a very talented artist named Adam Lichi and spend time with him in silence at Powells books or cafes around Portland as we work on our projects. Check out Addam’s website to see his work- http://www.sickliquid.net/ If you’re a creator of any type and are in the Portland area please send me an Email or facebook message if you want to grab coffee sometime. I’m new to the city and don’t know many people. I also really like meeting other creative types. They’re the only type of people that I feel really get me. 🙂

While I do love writing comics all I have thought about for the past month is Gold-Lined Storms. I now have more comic book scripts than I will ever be able to produce myself so I not going to be writing any new comic scripts, for at least a few months. Gold-Lined storms is my first novel and it could of been completed months ago. However I keep revisiting it almost daily, rewriting scenes and adding more poetic poses. I know at some point I’m going to have to walk away from the book but it has been over a year since I started it and I’m still passionate about adding to the book. Whatever people think about Gold Lined Storms I will know that I gave it everything. However, I don’t think a book like it has ever been produced before and I really think people will love it.

Diamond Eye Design is completely revamping our website and it’s going to look amazing in about 2 months. Check out their Facebook and give them a like- http://www.facebook.com/diamondeyedesign The layouts are still being worked on but I know they’re going to do an amazing job on the site.

Bleeding Ink has been alive for a year and the response has been amazing. At this point, I need to figure what the next step is. I’m a writer and that really needs to come first. However, for the past year my writing has taken a back seat to the running of Bleeding Ink. So I’m going to get other people involved in Bleeding Ink. I’m not sure how yet but there is no way I can work a 9-5, run a publishing company and write 4 hours a day. I’m open to having another comic book creator help me or take over the management of Bleeding Ink. They can include their comics as part of our catalog or make some money from the small amount of sales we make from our work. I’m not sure what I can offer but I am open to suggestions.

Like Gold-Lined Storms, we have a few comic book projects going that are taking longer than expected. Most of them have Kickstarters attached and I’ve already Emailed all the backers of these projects offering full refunds if they would no longer like to support the project. These comics are not charity cases and I don’t want to take advantage of any supporters kindness. Quite simply, my artists and I are producing the best comics we can as quickly as possible. Assuming the comics would be by certain dates was overzealous and unprofessional of me. There are always unseen hurdles in any creative venture and I should of taken these into more consideration when I was setting a date for the completion of these projects. I am sorry for this and again, if any backer no longer wants to support the project please let me know and we’ll work out a way to refund your money. As you can see from the updates, the projects are moving forward, they’re just not moving as quickly as needed.

As stated before, I’m a writer. All I really want to do with this life is to write stories and have people read them. If I’m able to make a living doing that, awesome. If I have to work at Starbucks in order to pay for that addiction, that is also awesome. As long as I’m able to write, my sanity will stay in check. It’s something I do every day and something I do a lot of. However, producing comic books costs WAY too much money for a struggling artist that is already in massive debt from creative ventures.

So, I have an idea. I don’t know if anyone will take me up on the offer but I thought I would put it out there. I have a lot of comic-book scripts I’ve written that people seem to like and I would like to see them get made but I am unable to pay for their production.

So I’m giving the scripts away.

If you’re part of a team of artists that wants to produce a comic book you can have one of my scripts and turn it into a comic-book. Once the comic is done I will promote it and sell it on the Bleeding Ink website with a Paypal button so you’ll receive payment for every sell directly. You’re also more than welcome to promote or sell the comic anywhere else you like. And you keep all of the money made from the comic. Every cent. I won’t be making any cash from the comic in anyway. Nor will I have any control in the artist undertaking in its creation. You simply get a script of your choosing, you make a comic, and I promote the hell out of it.

The reason I am doing this is because I have about…let me thing for a second… 20 comic book scripts that I would all like to see made but it just simply isn’t realistic. If you’re interested send me a pitch at BleedingInkComics AT Gmail.com There are some very simple guidelines but nothing that wouldn’t be hard to follow.

1. You HAVE to have a team together. PLEASE don’t Email me telling me you’re a colorist and want to make a comic. I am not managing the creation of this comic. That is something you and your team will have to do. You’re simply getting a script and and a ton of promoting for the comic and the artists involved.

2. You have to work within a realistic time frame. If it’s going to take more than 6 months to create a comic then this won’t work.

I don’t care if you’ve never made a comic book before or if you’re DC comics. Send me a professional sounding pitch and examples of your work and I will send you the log-lines for my scripts. You can pick out what one you like and I’ll send it over. That’s it. Just PLEASE be professional in your pitch. These are scripts I work months on and are my babies. I’m not going to give them away to people that don’t bother to spell check their Emails.

Again, this is just an idea but I hope there are artists out there that take advantage of this. While there isn’t any pay, the marketing is an extremely hard part of comic book production and I will handle all of it.
One of the scripts that will be given away is our 4-issue miniseries, Valley of the Cougars. This was a project I worked on a year ago and the first issue was completed. However, due to a series of issues (most involving cost) the 3 remaining issues will not be produced. It would be awesome if a team could do this series because it’s a project I really love.

Until then, I have Valley of the Cougars #1 and I’m not really sure what to do with it. I could sell this issue without any hopes of the remaining issues ever being completed but that seems a bit silly. Maybe we’ll sell the comic on our website once it’s completed but that’s a few months off. So I decided to give it away for free, at least for a while.

Valley of the Cougars is a horror-comedy about a group of Hollywood douche bag guys that meet a group of older women and go home with them to their mansion in the hills. Once there, the women turn into blood thirsty monsters and the douche bags must fight for their lives if they hope to survive a night in, THE VALLEY OF THE COUGARS!

If you click on this link you’ll be able to download a PDF of the full comic for free. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bzr3ex97dvgxb4e/z5D4Bo7ojl Take it as a thank you for being such awesome fans. 🙂 Just don’t sell it or anything stupid like that. Please share it with anyone you know that likes horror, horror-comedy or comics.

Well, that’s it for the update. Sorry again about the lag-time. You can always contact me by Email if you have a question about comics or writing. Or if you just need a friend to talk to.

Thank you for making this all possible.


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