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A new and very long update about Bleeding Ink Comics –

  Hey Everyone. Sorry I haven’t given an update in a while. I got a gig a while back and have been working a ton. It’s a good feeling to have a job again but I miss posting on here … Continue reading

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Blackwood Horror Comic Kickstarter

Bleeding Ink Productions just launched a Kickstarter for its ongoing horror comicbook series, Blackwood. Please take a moment and check it out.     http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bleedinginkprod/blackwood

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JAPANESE GARDEN- A poem from A Beautiful Violation #poetry

Do those tricks you know so well Where your eyes suck the colors from the room And the crack of your smile breaks everything in me Giggle and send static through my being Do that one where you take my … Continue reading

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FREEDOM #poem #poetry

  My chest crackles as I inhale magic She says I don’t need it I’m powerful enough It’s not the power I love but the escape it brings “Escape from me?” she asks Escape from everything I hand her the … Continue reading

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  Scented chemicals cover me Nervous hands balled in pockets Chest still burning from presses Tight jeans rub my peeling tan skin Boots create a rhythm that nauseate me The slithering suits greet me in the underground bar I paint … Continue reading

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Dreamless Sleep- A poem

Photo is Black Eyes by ~FataCorvina on Deviant Art Her eyes are dreamless sleep Reminding me we’re born with only shadows Speaking only in hushed tones So many secrets she has to keep Thick silence drapes streets of industry While … Continue reading

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FAST DIVORCE #poem #poetry

Black asphalt Echoing taillights racing dawn We lose ourselves Or at least try Her touch Can still make me smile in times like these Make me forget All I’ve done She holds the inside of my leg And it all … Continue reading

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