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My spirt evolves in tides of silence Seduction slithers over smooth stones Our heavy, palatable words dance with thick midnight Her porcelain hands submerge in healing Slow, cracking flames crack stained glass beauty Your wine-dark lips recite songs of mad … Continue reading

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Clay- A Porm from A Beautiful Violation by Joshua Blackwood

I’m not an artist I should start by saying that Digging into this lump of mud Trying to form meaning Something you could love Wet and cold It flows through my fingers Unmanageable I should have taken a class Can’t … Continue reading

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LAST DANCE- #poem #poetry #amwriting #writing

Have you ever heard a swan try to sing? It’s like a can grinding on asphalt A raping of the senses I thought for some reason it would be beautiful But it makes sense now As we stand in rage … Continue reading

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Questions Arise- A poem from our book, A Beautiful Violation

Sun awakens like a disturbed ghost This blistering silence, my only brush of solace Under shades of numbness we exhale ominous blue Question filled fog fills the space between us A predator watches a fish starving for air Rhythmically clicking … Continue reading

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THE CANCER TOOK HER   Love like shattered night We retract sincere statements Our words fall heavy Cursing a regretful past The cancer devours apologies Graveling before retreating death Another Los Angeles summer Sleeping with angelic ashes

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Karma, you owe me this- A poem from A Beautiful Violation

  Pounding hearts disturbed In you, I feel alone Thick hanging silence Smell of fear at twilight Walking downtown avenues Knowing there’s never an answer Dwindling city lights Prescription drugs replace natural order Searching for nonexistence My ancestors take me … Continue reading

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WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER? – A poem by Joshua Blackwood

  Let’s dig up these bodies and dress them in suits We’ll sit them at the dinner table And they’ll toast with cheap wine To memories not forgotten They’ll tell stories of high school and drunken nights That time in … Continue reading

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